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Double Ended Shear Beam load cell is build in steel or stainless steel is widely use in truck scales, hopper scales, tank weighing equipment.
Group Four's Single-Ended Beam Load Cell family offers a variety of solutions for low profile scale applications. The Group Four engineer-developed symmetrical design system, which takes the agony out of calibration, solves high performance needs. SI200(Simple Weighing) 02. SI400 ... Shear Beam Shear beam load cell, 150kgf~10tf ... Shear Beam Accessory SB210 TW Accessory; 03. Bending Beam Bending Beam Load Cell ...

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Blending precise weighing in the medium-capacity range and dual fixing point, our double shear beam line of load cells offers excellent products in line with modern needs. Our company has solid experience in production and distribution of shear beam load cells of double type combining high-quality systems and durable materials.
Kelba KDSB 5t-15t Double ended shear beam load cell & tank weighing module. Scaime Damped 5kg – 50kg Bending Beam Speedcell. Scaime F60X 5kg – 500kg Bending beam ... ANYLOAD has a comprehensive variety of standard load cells including: single ended shear beam, double ended shear beam, s-beam (s type), single point, canister and disk load cell, planar, load pin, load button and tension link.

The exceptional performance and forgiving characteristics of the Dual Shear Beam Load Cells make it the popular choice for compression applications in tank, bin and silo weighing, ladle and overhead crane weighing, vehicle scales, in-motion weighing, web tension, batching and dozens of applications in process control and general industrial ... Load Cells. Platform Load Cells; Bending / Shear Beam Load Cells; Tension / Compression Load Cells; High Capacity Load Cells; Mountings; Accessories; Indicators. Current Models; Obsolete Models; Amplifiers
How does a shear beam load cell work? Shear beam load cells measure the shear strain in the load cell counterforce. Since this is not a strict definition, the term is often used for any beam-shaped load cell independent of its measurement principle. Scientifically, shear beam load cells are not more accurate by principle than beam load cells ... Shear Beam Load Cells Tedea 380. Model 380 is a very low profile planar beam design, allowing direct mounting in low profile platform scales. The range of capacities and low profile make Model 380 most suitable for use in a wide rang → Shear beam load cells are especially well suited for platform and hopper scales. SIWAREX WL230 SB-S SA load cells are available with nominal loads ranging from 500kg to 5t. They are made of stainless steel and provide IP68 protection.

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Shear beam load cells in aluminium, steel and stainless steel. A universal load cell for bigger industrial applications. The shear is measured close to the neutral line of the load cell, what reduces the effects of transverse forces. Torque however influences the measuring result.
Bending beam and Shear beam load cells ideally suit all industrial weighing scale and general measurement applications. Applications include filling machinery, industrial floor scales, tank and silo weighing plus diverse applications in medical weighing, Single ended shear beam load cell. ... Load Cell Central's model LCS9 is designed for multiple load cell applications such as industrial floor scales, barrel scales, or medium and low capacity vessel weighing applications.